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Hi everyone,

March is a very busy month for us with lots of things to look forward to! From Pancake day to Mothers day, Red nose day and World book day, we will have lots of exciting activities happening around the nursery!

Thank you, as always, for your continued support

The Cranleigh Lodge team x

Dates for your diary

Tuesday 26th February – nursery closed for staff training day
Tuesday 5th March – Pancake day – we will be making pancakes at nursery
Thursday 7th March – World book day
Friday 15th March – Red nose day
Tuesday 26th March – Duck eggs arrive

Staff update

Recent training completed by staff:
Leanne – Neglect awareness
Megan – Ready steady go
Kelly – Safeguarding
Hannah – Level 3 safeguarding
Dawn – Online safety
Jade – Pre school link

Unfortunately we will be saying goodbye to Julie at the beginning of April who has decided to move to another nursery closer to home. Amber has taken over as Senior Practitioner of the baby room.

We are also very excited to say Katie will be returning from maternity leave at the beginning of April!

Staff training days

Staff training days this year are:
Tuesday 26th February
Wednesday 19th June
Thursday 7th November

World book day

Children can dress up as their favourite book character! Please also bring the book (labelled with the child’s name) so we can read it at nursery!

Red nose day

This year to raise money for Comic relief we are doing a sponsored jump on the bouncy castle! All children will be taking part – even the babies! Sponsor forms will be handed out soon. The child who does the most jumps in each room will be given a small prize. On Friday 15th March we will be having a “red day” where children will be wearing as much red as possible, and we will also be baking cakes for a cake sale Friday afternoon.

Parent suggest

We really appreciate suggestions from parents. We are currently in the process of setting up a new ‘Quality Improvement’ area which will show all the improvements we are hoping to make around the nursery. We will also be moving the parent suggestion box to this area so please put any suggestions you have in there.

‘Incredible eggs’ experience

We are very excited for the duck eggs to arrive! They will arrive on Tuesday 26th March and the ducks will stay with us until Friday 5th April.

New pre-school room – Penguins

At the beginning of February we split the preschool children into two groups: those who
are going to school this year, and those who are going next year. The younger pre-school children have been spending more time in the new ‘Penguin’ room with Jade. We have found this change has benefitted the whole nursery
greatly. Both pre school rooms are a lot calmer, and more focused and age appropriate activities are being completed. The two groups still mix for garden time and meal times so still get to see the other children, however are now having the opportunity to make stronger friendships with others they will be going to school with.

New medication policy

Just a reminder that we have changed our medication policy. We can no longer administer any non-prescribed medication to children over 2 years old (e.g. Calpol). If a child’s temperature increases whilst at nursery we will phone one of the child’s contacts to collect straight away. For children under 2 years of age we will administer 1 dose of Calpol during the day for relief of teething pain only. If your child is teething and you would like them to have one dose of Calpol you must provide the medicine yourself and sign a form at the beginning of the day indicating what time you would like them to have it.

Also please note the exclusion periods for some common childhood illnesses:

  • Sickness and diarrhoea – 48 hours from their last bout
  • Conjunctivitis – 24 hours after starting eye drops
  • Antibiotics for any reason – 24 hours after starting the antibiotics
  • Chickenpox – off nursery until all spots have scabbed over

Few reminders

  • Can you please make sure that all children wear appropriate shoes that they are able to put on and take off themselves. We encourage children to be independent when getting ready for the garden and some children are struggling with tight shoes or with those that have laces.
  • The door at the far end of the entrance porch is used as a fire exit from the garden for the toddlers. We are finding that parents are often leaving scooters or car seats at the end of the porch which blocks this exit. We do not have much storage space for these items so please take all scooters and bikes home. If you have to leave a car seat please let a member of staff know and we will try to find somewhere to store it.
  • Also, if you have any old adult t-shirts that you no longer need could you please bring them in for the children to do messy play in. Thanks!