Meal times

​Breakfast (a choice of cereals) is provided between 7.30-8.30am and offered to children in all rooms. Parrots are encouraged to serve their own breakfast as well as wash their own bowls after to promote independence.

Hummingbirds are offered a small snack of fruit or veg mid-morning along with a drink of water.

A hot lunch is supplied and delivered by Forerunner, an outside catering company, and is served around 11.30. Pre-school are encouraged to serve themselves with close supervision to ensure they eat a substantial amount.

We provide an afternoon snack for all children at around 2pm. This can be either fruit or veg, breadsticks, crackers, malt loaf or similar, along with a drink of water or milk

Tea is served around 4.15, please see the attachment below for an example of a tea menu.

The children are offered fruit or yoghurt for pudding after lunch and tea, the staff alternate this daily.

We can cater for any dietary requirement. All children have access to water throughout the day from labelled water bottles.

Lunch Menu

Breakfast & Tea Menu